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It’s 2019, and you might just need to lose a few pounds like most of us. Here are six and a half weight loss tips that could help you start the New Year off right. Everyone is different, so don’t get discouraged if one of these tips doesn’t apply to you. One of your best weight loss techniques this year will be acquiring a variety of options for weight loss.


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6 1/2 Weight Loss Tips

1) Eliminate temptation:

This is one of the quickest weight loss tips I have for you, though perhaps not the easiest. You are setting yourself up for major disappointment if your cupboards are filled with easy, accessible processed foods that lack nutrition and only add to your waistline. I don’t believe in wasting food, but I’d recommend cleaning out your home of temptation. It takes a lot more effort to get in the car and go to a store or drive-thru than simply opening up your pantry.

2) Eat breakfast:

It still is considered one of the best meals of the day. If you’re rushed in the morning, try to prepare meals like overnight oats or protein muffins the night before. I always keep my meal replacement bars handy, along with little plastic bags of portioned almonds, hardboiled eggs and fruit readily accessible for “grab-and-go” moments. If you skip breakfast, you’re setting yourself up for binging later on, decreased energy and focus, and a myriad of other problems. Believe it or not, the best weight loss tips usually include EATING meals.



3) Lose the guilt:

As a therapist and trainer, I have often used the concept of externalization. I tell clients to picture guilt (or whatever negative emotion/feeling they are struggling with) as a foreign invader, an unwanted guest or that little cartoon devil often depicted in movies sitting on one of your shoulders. If you can recognize this negative emotion as uninvited and not actually a part of you or what defines you, you’ll be better able to realize that you are the one in the driver’s seat. You can invite this negativity in or choose to ignore it. It takes practice, and this definitely isn’t an instantaneous fix, but this is an extremely reliable technique to help you get rid of the emotions that are literally and figuratively weighing you down. Weight loss tips should always include mental and emotional health adjustments.

4) Set tangible goals:

If you have a broken foot, don’t sign up for a marathon next month. Realize that setting goals beyond your reach this year will only cause major disappointment and setbacks. While year-long goals are fantastic, I’d suggest setting weekly, monthly and bi-yearly goals that are progressive and build upon each other. Also take each goal and break it into manageable steps on paper, not in your head.

5) Avoid the grocery store and dinner parties when you’re hungry:

Grab a snack or a big salad before you enter environments filled with binging, diet-destroying opportunities.

6) Ditch the scale and grab your camera:

Scales don’t reveal the whole truth and can become an unhealthy obsession. I’d suggest either measuring or taking progress photos instead.


6 1/2) Join the 2019 HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge:

We’ll help you stay focused on everything above and much more!

These six and a half quick and easy weight loss tips are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the suggestions we have for you this year. Give these a whirl and be ready for more help! You aren’t alone on this journey; there will be a steady stream of support and answers to help you along the way right here at HealthSPORT.



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