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Why put off until the New Year what you can start today, especially when it comes to your health and wellness? There’s nothing about starting a new commitment on January 1st that makes it more likely you’ll stick to your plan. In fact, wintry weather, flu season and other post-New Year obstacles can stymie your efforts to meet a wellness goal.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Up ‘Offa That Thing and Start Now!

1) You can rock and run into January, instead of doing a haphazard roll New Year’s Day.

Use the next several weeks to establish a solid fitness base so when the opportunity to seize upon a New Year challenge emerges you have already built the physical and mental foundation to go all in! Many a New Year’s exercise resolution has been destroyed by an injury resulting from an exerciser trying to do too much too soon. Start building-up now. Then you can attack a New Year’s Day 5K or an ambitious new goal with confidence.

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2) You’ll beat the New Year’s resolution rush at the gym.

start-working-toward-wellness-1.jpgIf you start now, you can beat the crowd and explore the variety your gym offers without having to wait in line. By the time January rolls around, you’ll be able to sneak around those resolution wonders who are pondering what to do. You’ll be able to jump onto your favorite machine or snag the best spot in your go-to class. Knowing the ins-and-outs of HealthSPORT now will help you define a realistic goal and find the tools to enable you to navigate your way to success.

3) GET the gift of getting ATTENTION!

While November and December might be quieter than normal at the gym when people take off on vacations and schedules become erratic, it is a good time for you to get over there and get your wellness plan underway. The holiday months are teaming with energy. Special classes, promotions, and good moods will help boost your efforts. In addition, trainers and gym experts will have more time to spend with you now before the New Year’s crowd rushes in.

4) Instead of waiting you will have a strategy when you sidle up to the spread at holiday parties.

Fear, not the figgy pudding. If your plan includes exercise and regularly burning some calories, you’ll feel better about munching on festive fuel. If you ask to get nutrition questions answered now, you’ll be less likely to waste time fretfully fasting or over-feasting during those holiday fêtes.

5) Exercising and eating nutritious foods now will boost your immune system throughout the holidays.

You’ll have less stress about seasonal sickness. Social gatherings in closed spaces are recipes for the spread of communicable illnesses. If you start improving your immune system now, you’ll have a better chance of skating into January without sniffles and sneezes that could otherwise hamper your energetic excursion into the New Year.


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