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Almost no one can disagree with the statement that fruits are good for you. They contain essential nutrients, can strengthen your immune system and give you energy. Fruits are instrumental in improving your health and should be a staple in your everyday diet. But there are some important things to remember when deciding which healthy fruits are best for you. And keep in mind that despite how healthy fruit can be, the calories can add up and wreak havoc on a diet.


5 Healthy Fruits That Are Best Helping Your Fitness Goals?

Let’s review some of the best healthy fruits to consider, especially when looking at total sugar and caloric content:


1) Strawberries:

Considered to have a lower sugar content when compared with other fruits, strawberries also provide a hefty dose of nutrients and antioxidants to boost your overall health.


2) Blueberries:

Just like strawberries, blueberries are a fantastic low-sugar option and offer lots of antioxidants and essential nutrients.


3) Raspberries:

See a trend here? Berries are typically considered some of the best fruits for you, thanks to their low calorie and sugar content. Raspberries have fiber to help keep you fuller as well.


4) Lemons:

Lemons add a bit of zing to your water and provide Vitamin C to help strengthen your immune system. They’ve been shown to help with rheumatoid arthritis as well as boost your metabolism.


5) Grapefruits:

Like lemons, grapefruits offer Vitamin C and fewer than 10 grams of sugar.



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