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outdoor workoutCold rainy weather doesn’t have to drown your outdoor workout plans. Investing in a handful of waterproof must-haves can keep your training on track when fall weather turns foul. Before you head out into the rain, assess what you typically carry when you exercise outside. You’ll want to choose gear that fits you and your accessories.

Rain gear should seal out moisture, stay put and not weigh you down. There are few things more annoying during a rainy run than a set of keys bouncing around in a pocket that’s too loose. And nothing is more distracting than wondering whether or not your cell phone is getting soaked with every step.

Visibility is also important when selecting gear for rainy days. Choose brightly colored items with reflective trims so others can see you. Your own ability to see without rain drops obscuring your vision is important too. Careful attention to what you wear on your head and face might be the difference between skirting a water-filled hole or twisting your ankle in it!

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Consider Adding These 5 Items to Your Wardrobe:

outdoor gear

1 ) Waterproof Hat

Many people associate running hats with sunny days. But, a waterproof brimmed hat can shield your eyes from raindrops. Asics, Brooks, Adidas, Saucony and others carry a variety. Check out this Runner’s World review of running hats.

2) Glasses

If you wear glasses, you’re in luck! You have a windshield. If you don’t wear glasses, a pair of tinted ones can enhance your vision in the rain. Once your body gets warm, lenses can fog in humid cool weather. It helps to use an anti-fog spray (here’s one) on lenses.

3) Quick Wicking Clothing and Socks

Let’s face it, you will get wet. So, do not wear cotton! Wet cotton garments get heavy and make blistering and chafing more likely. Try Lycra, bamboo, spandex and other moisture-wicking fabrics. Some shoes are made of Gortex to minimize moisture. Run Repeat has put together a list of waterproof running shoe rankings to consider if you want to go that route.

4) Waterproof Belt

With companies like Woogin, AxiEr, Top Fit and others making waterproof belts to carry your phone, pepper spray, keys and more, you are sure to find both good fit and function. Check out this review by Runner Click to get an idea of what’s out there. If sticking your tongue out to catch raindrops doesn’t provide the hydration you need, think about investing in a weatherproof water belt.

5) Windbreaker/Jacket

A well-fitted waterproof jacket can get you through hours of outdoor exercise. Make sure you have pockets that zip. Try on the jacket to make sure the pockets are in convenient places. Make sure the hood stays up when you want it too, but doesn’t interfere with your movements when it’s down. Runner’s World has done the dirty work for you and tested out 30 different jackets to see how they stand up against the wind and rain. The full results for 2017 are here.



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