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Are you looking to increase your muscle mass and strength? There are certain workouts that can help you achieve increased muscle mass faster than others. In fact, most people that focus on bodybuilding workouts typically want to achieve those two things, strength and increased muscle mass. Whether you are looking to compete on a stage or simply improve your gains, bodybuilding workouts typically have a few things in common.


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5 CORE Aspects to Bodybuilding Workouts

1) More Weight, Less Reps

More weight and fewer reps will improve strength, increase muscle mass and manufacture more muscle fibers. The increase in muscle fibers is what increases mass, the more mass a person has the stronger they will become. Individuals who do not bulk out can still gain an excessive amount of strength, the only difference is that they will not be able to sustain a rigorous level of activity for any substantial length of time.

2) Short Yet Distinctive Movements

Movements that are completed, in short, distinct moves give the muscles less time to relax. Muscle contraction is an essential part of the exercise and the less time between contractions the more the muscle works. This increases both stamina and strength. While short, distinct moves are essential during reps, it is extremely important that the muscles be allowed to thoroughly relax and return to their resting position between sets.


Exercise rotation is essential to prevent the body from adapting to the program and becoming accustomed to a set routine. Doing the same exercises over and over again can lead to stagnation. The body will eventually expect certain exercises and will prepare accordingly. By changing exercises on a regular basis, the memory contained within the muscles is disrupted, forcing them to work as if they have not been previously conditioned. Instead of lifting weights five days a week, turn two days into cardio days so the heart and lungs get a sufficient workout as well.



4) Alternate Muscle Groups

Alternate areas of the body being worked with each session. By alternating areas of the body, you will allow each muscle group to rest for a specific amount of time between workouts. A good example of this type of conditioning is choosing to workout your legs and back on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while switching the routine to arms and abs on the alternating days.

5) Be Frequent, Allow Rest, and Don’t Stop!

The frequency of workouts and ample rest will determine the bodybuilder’s success. Athletes who want to build muscle fast will often do “two-a-days”. This means working certain parts of the body in the morning and the other areas in the evening. While this is good for athletes who are physically prepared for this level of activity, it should be avoided by individuals who are just starting out and may not be physically ready for that kind of activity. Too much of a good thing can lead to an increased risk of injury.



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