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healthy-bbq-recipesThere’s nothing like summer eating, and even though the hot weather is drawing to a close, you can still enjoy summer’s bounty. Here are five healthy BBQ recipes that will make your mouth water, won’t break the bank, and can be prepared with little hassle or heartache. Best of all, your waistline will thank you.

Slap These 5 Healthy BBQ Recipes on the Grill Before the Sun Goes Away!

1. Panzanella

When people think of healthy BBQ recipes, they don’t usually envision bread. But the right bread can actually be very good for you. Instead of buying bread made with artificial ingredients and instant yeast, get the good stuff: loaves made with a real sourdough starter. The natural yeasts in these breads are actually good for you, and the sourdough limits allergic responses to gluten:

  • Slice up the bread
  • Brush with olive oil
  • Grill alongside zucchini, pepper, eggplant and yellow squash
  • Quickly cut everything up and toss together
  • Tada!

2. Pesto Shrimp

healthy-bbq-recipesShrimp are one of Nature’s wonder foods. They are low-calorie, full of vitamins and nutrients, and utterly delicious:

  • Fresh shrimp on skewers need nothing more than a light application of pesto to be top notch
  • Place them on the grill, cook until they’re pink halfway up and flip
  • Remove as soon as they’re done and let rest under foil for a few minutes before serving

3. Veggie Quesadillas

Believe it or not, quesadillas are delicious on the grill. Try this:

  • Prep the ingredients for your quesadillas by grating a bunch of Jack cheese, setting out corn tortillas and cutting fresh corn kernels off the cob. If you like, add salsa to the works.
  • Bring everything out to the grill, then place a corn tortilla down, heap corn kernels in the center and scatter cheese on top.
  • Wait until the cheese melts, then add salsa if desired and fold the quesadilla onto itself using a spatula.
  • Pull off the grill before cheese leaks out the sides and serve.

4. Turkey Kebabs

Turkey kebabs are low-calorie, high-protein alternatives to the fattier red meat of beef or lamb. While both beef and lamb have their place on the BBQ, when you’re trying to lighten up your meals, ground dark meat turkey is an excellent and flavorful choice.

  • Combine with oregano, cumin, salt and finely diced onions
  • Form into long logs around skewers
  • Grill over medium-high heat until fully cooked through

5. Tuna and Salmon

Tuna and salmon are both firm, flavorful fish that need almost nothing to add to their fantastic flavor. Especially when you’re lucky enough to buy these right off the docks, there’s no comparison.

  • A little salt and olive oil will do the trick. If you need to, you can put down a layer of tinfoil to ensure the fish doesn’t fall apart, but it’s best right over the flame or charcoal.

See? Who said BBQ had to be a gorge-fest? With these healthy BBQ recipes, you can stay slim and enjoy those al fresco summer meals right up until the weather turns.



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