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build muscle fast

Want more muscle? You should. Increasing muscle mass helps boost your metabolism, burning calories while at rest and changing your entire physique. And if you want to build muscle fast, you need to know that muscle growth depends largely on how well you take care of yourself throughout the day.

Of course it’s crucial to put in the necessary work in the gym and choose the right exercises each week. So make sure you incorporate these four tips into your training plan as soon as possible.

4 Ways to Build Muscle Fast

Compound exercises

Bodybuilders have relied on isolation exercises since the beginning of the sport for major muscle growth. But if you want to build muscle fast, you need to recruit multiple muscles at the same time by incorporating compound exercises into your routine. Make sure you’re performing several of these compound staples each week.

  • Squats
  • Step-ups
  • Lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • Clean and press
  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Planks
  • Dumbbell rows

Train accordingly

If you want to build muscle fast, get off the cardio machine and pick up some weight. Train with an ideal muscle-building set/rep ratio to optimize your results by selecting a weight that you can lift safely for three to six sets of six to 12 reps each. Also ensure that you’re resting adequately between training days so you aren’t undoing all of your hard work.

Eat smart

If you aren’t drinking or eating enough, you probably won’t be putting on muscle. Focus on eating whole foods as much as possible, aiming for a balanced proportion of protein and carbs as well as integrating healthy fats into your diet. Know how many calories you burn throughout the day based on your activity level and avoid dipping below this amount if you want to build muscle fast.


Muscle repairs when you’re sleeping. So if you’re skimping on your ZZZs, then you’ll be skimping on your muscle growth as well. Work on getting at least seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night to see best results!


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