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Indoor cycling took-off about 30 years ago and continues to leave other fitness trends in the dust. There are multiple reasons why people get on the saddle initially and jump back on every chance they get. Sure, there is an initial period of adjustment to sitting on a tiny seat or standing while pedaling. It takes a little work to master the physical mechanics of executing some basic drills. But most people manage to learn the basics in a handful of sessions and adjust to the format quickly.


4 Reasons to Hustle into an Indoor Cycling Class

1) It’s Low Risk, High Pay-Off.

If you learn how to adjust your bike properly and practice good form and technique, the incidence of injury in indoor cycling pales in comparison to the risks involved in many other forms of exercise. One word of advice: maintain cadence above 60 rpms and below 110 rpms for maximum effectiveness and safety. Indoor cycling when done correctly (no weights in hand and without fluffy dance move fillers) is “low impact” on your joints, yet “high intensity” for your heart. Although the leg movement is repetitive, there is no repeated pounding on the joints.

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2) It’s the Best of Both Worlds.

Whether you use classes for general fitness or for serious training you intend to take on the road, indoor cycling can help you achieve two major fitness goals. You’ll get the chance to develop endurance by doing steady state cardiovascular work and you’ll build on serious speed, strength, and quick muscle response through anaerobic intervals. Hill climbing, fast flats, jumps, and standing flats will help you build strength and stamina.


3) It’s a Sweat Fest.

You can get your cycling ya-yas without having to deal with traffic or nasty weather. Whether you plan to take to the roads or stay in the studio, indoor cycling makes consistency a cinch. Seriously, the cycles are always there for you! Stationary cycles never move, so you can always move!

4) The Music and Motivation are Magic!

Finding a cycling instructor who shares your taste in music is a win for everyone in the room. There’s an energy feedback loop that starts and doesn’t end until that last crankshaft stills. A good soundtrack that meshes beats per minute with the intended cadence of the skill can pump major energy into a workout. Couple that with an instructor who is all about enthusiastically coaching you, then add classmates who are committed to the ride and an hour of indoor cycling can be downright powerful. The pack can pull-out your best you when you feel your energy waning.



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