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Despite being one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment, the treadmill sometimes gets a bad reputation, especially in the running world. A lot of runners worry that treadmill running will impede their ability to perform their best on race day. However, treadmill training can make you a better runner. Let’s face it: Sometimes we aren’t able to go outside and hit the ground “running,” whether this is due to weather, time of day or travel.

Here are 3 Ways Treadmill Training can Make You a Better Runner:

  1. Consistency:Treadmill running can make you a better runner because it allows you to train consistently, without things like darkness or weather getting in the way. It’s a safe way to improve your endurance, log some miles and work on running form without exposing yourself to possible injury from an icy road or darkened route. And when weather becomes an issue, treadmill running allows you to focus on your training rather than warming up efficiently in the cold or staying hydrated in the heat.

  2. Preparation: Treadmill training can help you better prepare for a challenging race by mimicking the course. With just a touch of a button, you can change the incline to prepare for a hilly race or a faster course than you’re used to. And with certain treadmill models, you can adjust the treadmill to a decline to prepare you for running downhill during your event.
  3. Form: Treadmill running can improve your form, because it causes you to minimize your stride length and increase stride frequency, as well as reduce total impact on joints.

So the next time you’re forced to run on a treadmill, fear not, because it will not impair your training. While it’s obviously best to get outside and train for most of your runs in the elements, treadmill running is a fantastic option to use along the way and ultimately can help you be a better runner. Click below to learn how you can take advantage of treadmill training here at HealthSPORT!


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