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You’re in a crowded parking lot. While loading your car a man shoves you in and closes the door behind him. No one can hear or see you through the other cars. What do you do?
While going for your morning jog you’re grabbed from behind. What do you do?

You’re walking home at night when suddenly a man knocks you on the ground & tries to steal your purse. What do you do?

If anyone of these hypothetical situations gave you an unsettling gut feeling, keep reading. Statistics show one in three women will be the victim of some type of violent attack in her lifetime. The good news is there are ways to protect yourself and stay safe.


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The ground rule of self-defense is: don’t put yourself in danger! Avoid dark, isolated places. Be aware of your surroundings. Move with confidence. Trust your gut.

That said, even though prevention is the best defense, sometimes bad situations cannot be avoided. If you end up in trouble remember these three things:


3 Self-Defense Techniques to Remember

Self Defense Technique #1 – Make Yourself Difficult to Hold

What’s Happening: An attacker grabs you from behind with a “bear hug.”

What You Can Do: First grab the attacker’s arms. This is very important. Next, mimic a toddler or dog that doesn’t want to move – plop down by bending your knees & dropping your butt so you become heavier to buy some time. Thrash from side to side & try to hit your attacker in the groin with your elbows, stomp on their feet, or headbutt backwards until they let go. Keep your guard up after you escape, be ready to continue fighting or run.

Self Defense Technique #2 – Master the Ear Slap

What’s Happening: You’re standing in close proximity with your attacker & can’t get away.

What You Can Do: You don’t need size for this one. Cup your hand and slam your palm into your attacker’s ear, this will send in a blast of air. You will pressurize the ear canal and stun your opponent by throwing off their equilibrium. If you hit hard enough you can even rupture their eardrum. Either way, it will give you a split second to choose between further fighting or running.

Self Defense Technique #3 – The “Rule of Thumb”

What’s Happening: An attacker grabs your wrist in an attempt to control your movement

What You Can Do: To break free from a wrist hold, rotate your wrist toward the attacker’s thumb. Take a step back to gain stability, then relax your wrist so it’s easier to turn. When you feel the attacker’s grip loosen, pull your arm back as strongly as you can. If your attacker has two hands on one wrist weave your free arm through the attacker’s wrist in an over/under fashion, then rotate your captured wrist toward the attacker’s thumb and pull both hands from the attacker’s grasp. If your attacker has one hand on either wrist, use the opportunity to knee the groin, headbutt, or kick the knee as hard as you can.


*BONUS* Self Defense Technique #4 – Train, Train, Train

Although reading about self-defense techniques arms you with knowledge, nothing is more valuable than training. In a real-life situation, you have to keep going until the threat is eliminated. If you decide to fight back, keep fighting. If you decide to run, keep running. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, if you are in danger you have to keep working. So train. Get stronger. And practice.

Want to feel confident about defending yourself in a dangerous situation? HealthSPORT can help. Get the strength, balance, and agility you need to face an opponent with Small Group Training Sessions. Looking for a customized training program or 1-on-1 Coaching? We also offer Personal Training to help you reach your goals. You don’t need to win a fight, you need to be able to do enough to get away – we’ll help you get there.



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