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trx training

Have you ever tried a TRX class or exercise before? If not, you might want to start doing so as soon as possible!

TRX is a suspension training system that allows you to perform a full range of movements in almost any environment imaginable. It’s a piece of equipment that you’ll see in numerous gyms throughout the country and being offered to you for home purchase as well.

Let’s review why this piece of equipment is all the rage in 2016 and why you should start implementing it into your everyday routine now!

Reasons to Consider TRX Training Now:

  1. It’s modifiable: One of the best things about using a TRX is that it can be modified to fit any fitness level. With just a slight variation of set-up or angle, the user can make a TRX exercise more or less challenging in just a second without having to re-rack weight or adjust a machine.
  2. It’s transportable: I have frequently brought a TRX with me when traveling state to state. It doesn’t require any special equipment outside of a sturdy door, tree or post! And it’s light-weight and can be packed in a suitcase or carry-on.
  3. It mimics everyday movement: When we perform compound movements like functional exercises that involve multiple muscles at once, we will see significant muscle development and physical transformation in a shorter period.

Consider doing TRX training for future routines!* It recruits numerous muscles especially throughout the core keeping us strong and helping minimize the risk of injuries.

*As always, before you start any training regimen be sure to consult your doctor to make sure you are capable of implementing TRX.


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