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Preparing for your first 5K running race can be a daunting task, especially during the winter months, but with the help of qualified experts, you can turn your race into an amazing journey full of accomplishments even before crossing the finish line. Training indoors can be extremely useful, and it can even benefit the elite runner. Working with a certified personal trainer or running coach, treadmill running and strength training in the gym can make you a faster, more efficient and confident runner.

3 Reasons Why You Should Train for Your First 5K in the Gym

1) Certified Personal Trainer

A certified personal trainer and running coach can help map out a specific training program that takes into consideration your available training time, your career workload, family and social obligations, your health and assesses any injuries or imbalances. He/she can give you the best tools to effectively manage your training time, so you are training with quality and a purpose. In addition, by picking a specific date for your race, the trainer can adequately map out a running schedule that will allow your body to adapt to the workload and thereby reduce the chance of injuries and improve your chance of success.

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2) Strength Training

A trainer can also analyze your running form, give you individualized strength training and flexibility exercises specific to running, suggest modes of cross-training, and guide you to better nutritional choices. Strength training can increase your strength, first-5k-2.jpgboost your metabolism, increase your cardiovascular fitness, and decrease your potential for injury. With the use of specific gym equipment, you can functionally train for a fabulous first 5K!

3) Treadmill Training

Treadmill running is a great training tool, especially during winter months when roads can be slick and dangerous. Logging too many miles on asphalt or concrete can lead to overuse injuries such as stress fractures. Treadmills have a soft consistent, and flat surface which can reduce the stressors of running on the body. Also, treadmills can hold you accountable for your speed and running form consistency. Your trainer or running coach can give you specific treadmill workouts, such as speed or tempo intervals to make your time on the treadmill more effective and fun.

Whether you are an elite runner or preparing for your first 5K race, the gym can be your friend. Talk to an expert, train on a treadmill, and get stronger on your way to becoming a better runner and a more fit individual.


Take our Cycling Classes at our Eureka and Arcata locations:
Our Instructors, Pam Naylor & Laura McNulty, are both excellent competitive runners who will help you build up the strength & cardio for your next 5k!
Pam – M/W/F 5:30am at HealthSPORT Eureka
Laura – Fri 9am at HealthSPORT Arcata


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