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Hit a plateau? Need a motivation boost? Just not seeing the results you want? Working with a Personal Trainer might be exactly what you need to push past your limits & reach your fitness goals. Don’t believe us? See what one HealthSPORT member has to say about our very own Jeremiah…

“Jeremiah continues to be an inspiration to me and has been a huge part of my fitness journey for the last eight months. I love his support as I push and challenge myself in new and exciting ways… When I started this journey I couldn’t run a full mile without taking a ton of walking breaks. In December I ran my first ever 5k race and I’m signed up for a longer race [next month]. I also have my first ever Half Tough Mudder…and I feel ready.

As much as I hate shopping, having to buy smaller clothes feels so good. And I feel amazing! I’ve changed my diet (cut out bread/pasta, sugar, alcohol) and I’ve changed my habits. I’m strong for the first time ever. I’ve gained a ton of confidence and many of my friends have told me that my journey has inspired them to start their own.

Thank you HealthSPORT and THANK YOU Jeremiah!”

– Melinda Larsen / HSPFit Subscriber

There are countless benefits to working with a Personal Trainer. From the high-intensity athlete to the person rehabilitating their back, a Personal Trainer will set you up for success with a customized fitness plan. They will hold you accountable, challenge you, and help you focus on your goals, all while protecting your body’s unique sensitivities and needs.


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3 Benefits Only a Personal Trainer Can Provide


and what Jeremiah had to say about them:


Losing steam? Not with your Personal Trainer. They will be there to push you, challenge you & cheer you on. They will also help you stay motivated after your workout. As put by Jeremiah, “Overcoming plateaus is something I deal with a lot and it comes down to analyzing the individual needs and goals of the person, then adjusting accordingly. Consistency is key…this is a lifestyle and these habits can and should be fun and sustainable.”


Injuries happen, but that doesn’t mean it’s game over. “Personal Trainers have the knowledge and experience it takes to work with and/or around injuries and still accomplish a person’s fitness goals. Same with chronic pain — lots can be alleviated, if not completely fixed with certain exercises and stretches we implement.” By knowing the client’s goals & having a clear understanding of their injuries, Personal Trainers can implement proper progressions to work around any unique requirements.


Studies show those who work out with supervised training experience more strength improvements than those who don’t. In addition to challenging you & encouraging you to work harder, every minute with a Personal Trainer will be laser focused on progressing towards your goals. No more wasted time! Plus, it’s guaranteed to be interesting “I like to make sure we have a wide variety of exercises to keep both the body AND the mind engaged. I’m constantly, from workout to workout, switching things up. This ensures there is always a challenge and something new to try and to overcome!”

These are just a few of the many benefits of working with a trainer. As Jeremiah says, “This is PERSONAL training.” When you work with a Personal Trainer you’re getting workouts 100% tailored to you, designed to meet your needs. Don’t go it alone! Find a Trainer and get ready to see results.


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