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The 2020 HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only participants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Below is the amazing transformation story of our male first place winner, Christopher Mitchell.

Check Out Christopher’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

I joined the Weight Loss Challenge as part of my New Year’s Resolution to act as a springboard for getting into shape and developing habits that will result in a healthier, happier life. I’m a 46 year old who has never had an interest in sports (unless marching band counts) so physical fitness has never been an interest, let alone a priority.

My career as a massage therapist has caused me to reevaluate my priorities, being much more physically demanding than I ever anticipated. While I am passionate about my craft and the benefits it offers my clients, I’ve realized it is just a single piece in the overall health puzzle. If strength, flexibility, and good diet habits aren’t there as well, then what I do only acts as a band aid.

My time working with the HealthSPORT team has given me greater nutrition and physical fitness knowledge that infuses the advice I impart to my clients.

On a personal note, over the years as my weight has increased, I began wearing baggier clothing to hide my perceived imperfections. After losing 38 pounds during this challenge, I am able to wear clothes that haven’t fit me in years! It’s amazing how one’s self image affects so many aspects of life, giving me the self confidence to be more social, speak up and take risks.

So, the challenge has served its purpose regardless of if I “win” or not. I have the tools, the talent and the developed habits to make me successful in this new life chapter. I’m stronger, healthier and more confident and I know this is just the beginning of greatness for me. Excelsior!

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