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The 2020 HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only participants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Below is the amazing transformation story of our female first place winner, Kathy Caterby.

Check Out Kathy’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

For the past three years, my health has been deteriorating. I have Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. At the time we started this challenge, I was taking several medications to ‘control’ my diabetes and blood pressure, but neither one was anywhere close to being controlled. I knew I needed to make changes, so I signed up for the HealthSPORT weight loss challenge.


My ultimate goal was to get my diabetes and blood pressure under control, reduce the amount of medications I took, and of course, to lose weight. I started eating healthier and exercising. Right away I was able to stop taking one of my diabetes medications. This journey has not been easy. There have been many obstacles which could have set back my progress. In February I was in an accident which totaled my car. In March, my husband ended up in the hospital for three days, I missed my brother’s wedding which I was really looking forward to, and we began sheltering in place. Still I was able to remain focused on clean eating and exercising.


When we first started this challenge, I did not weigh myself and I did not look at the scale when I went to the doctor because I was afraid I would sabotage myself because I was not losing ‘enough’ or ‘fast enough’. When we started sheltering in place, I was home all day and I quickly realized that I was snacking all day too. I knew I needed to check in with the scale. I am pleased to say that I continued to lose weight as we all stayed home. Being able to take long walks and access HealthSPORT workouts online were so helpful.


The last several weeks have been a plateau for me as far as weight loss goes, but I am happy to report that I have been able to stop taking more of my medications. My blood sugars and blood pressure numbers are now down in the range of a normal person.


I am so excited about this! I am very thankful to HealthSPORT for giving me the motivation and tools to hep me take back control of my life.


Thank you for having this challenge!

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