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The 2019 HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only participants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Below is the amazing transformation story of our male first place winner, Zach Bayne.


Check Out Zach’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

After a lifetime of struggling with my weight and body image, HealthSPORT has been the first gym to actively support my goals of changing my lifestyle and view of myself.

I have spent many years trying to find the ability to commit to any regular fitness routine or healthy eating habits and time after time I haven’t been able to achieve my goals. The trainers at HealthSPORT were instrumental in encouraging me to attack this challenge by not only focusing on exercise, but by pushing me to reevaluate my diet and to view food as the fuel my body needs.

The HIIT camp was the push I needed and it led me to develop an enjoyment for exercise.


Working out with others in a positive, upbeat class kept me motivated when, at times, I wanted to give up. I began this journey wanting to lose weight and become healthier to support my goal of becoming a firefighter. Thanks to this challenge, I will not only be walking away having improved my health, beating my weight loss goal of 40 pounds, but with a passion for exercise, increased energy levels, and a confidence in myself and my ability to set and accomplish goals.

I am excited to continue this journey with HealthSPORT to not only maintain my mental and physical health but to continue to improve so that I can better serve and protect my community as a Firefighter.


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