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The 2019 HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only participants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Below is the amazing transformation story of our female first place winner, Lainey Gritts.


Check Out Lainey’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it but it felt like there was just no way to get it?  In weight loss, I’ve always heard people say “If I can do it, then anyone can“. Apparently, now it is my turn to say that.

In June 2017, I suffered a spontaneous lung collapse. In the subsequent year I lived in fear of another collapse while awaiting surgery to repair my damaged lung. I finally had my surgery and it was wildly successful, however I had the unfounded nagging fear that if I exerted myself that it would collapse again. After signing up for this challenge, I reached out to an amazing team of trainers and explained my history and that I needed to be challenged and encouraged but that I was crippled with fear.

I was met with lots of support, check-ins during the workouts as well as encouragement to go with higher weights and push myself harder. In the process of getting stronger, I learned how truly strong I am. In addition to the challenge of learning how to workout with my ‘new’ lung, I suffered extreme personal family losses which could have very easily and understandably been a reason to fold inward and to quit.

I didn’t quit, I overcame the temptation of taking “the easy way” and I persevered; I overcame my grief through learning and practicing personal strength and resilience.


I made the choice not to weigh myself or do any of the “dieting” behaviors that are common. Instead, I have adjusted to my new way of life and recognized that everything has ups and downs and that by simply going to class and tracking my foods I am a success. I. Am. A. Success. I never thought I would say those words about myself but here I am. I am proud of showing up and putting my best foot forward each and every day.

Angie, Tyler, Brian, Shane, Kerri and Curtis have all trained me to be the best version of myself and pushed me farther than I thought I was capable of. The amazing classmates I have met at HealthSport in McKinleyville have inspired and motivated me in ways I never knew possible. Everyone had their own challenges and yet they were present and going for it and congratulating me after a class well done. I have grown to greatly admire these men and women.

Joe has helped me dial in how to feed my body so it can do the absolute best possible. The process of cutting out nearly all processed foods (I have yet to make my own mustard but someday soon!) and changing my way of eating to be whole and nutritious foods has been fun. A couple of girls from the gym and I even do a food swap once a week to always keep things fresh and interesting! One of my biggest changes was going from drinking six to eight Diet Cokes a day to NONE! I now sustain myself with water regularly and allow myself to indulge occasionally (but seldom) if I desire.

So many habits have changed and in the process of change, not only am I healthier but so is my family. I am so lucky to have such a fantastic support team, both at the gym and at home, to encourage and inspire me. I am far from done but thanks to the amazing team of people at HealthSport, I have the tools and knowledge to get there. Slow and steady for me, because if I can do it then anyone can!


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