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When most people decide to lose weight, the first thing they think about is dieting. What “diet” typically means for most people is they refrain from eating things they truly enjoy, which they know aren’t healthy. Some people even skip meals as part of their dietary program. How’s that working for them?
Eventually, they do lose some weight, but it doesn’t last very long. Soon they go back to their old eating habits, and their struggle continues. And so starts the yo-yo effect of dieting, losing some weight, quitting, and gaining the weight right back again. So, what gives? What does a person need to do to lose weight and keep it off once and for all?

Taking a Step Toward Healthier Decisions

Are you ready for the big reveal? Here it is: Everything must change. You must go all in on a complete lifestyle change and start making decisions that have a positive affect on your health. Proper nutrition and daily exercise have to become intrinsically interwoven into the fabric of your everyday life, from now on.
Once you commit to this new lifestyle change, that’s when you change the trajectory of your health. That’s when you’ll see a breakthrough in long-term weight loss. That’s when you truly make a difference in your life, forever.

Justin G’s Testimonial

“I spent my entire life overweight and out of shape. Prior to the WLC I had tried so many different times to lose weight. Little did we know this decision would transform our entire family and lead to a true lifestyle change. My initial goal was to be motivated to lose weight, hoping I would see results, this just scratched the surface of my transformation.
Jamie provided the structure, instruction, motivation and encouragement that I have been missing in the past. I found myself feeling better, sleeping better, eating better, and having more energy. I had no idea how good life could feel. Yes, I have lost pounds and inches, but the fact that I can run multiple miles, feel energetic, feel comfortable in my body and actually look forward to physical activity, is something I never thought I would accomplish.
Because of the support of HealthSPORT, my family has been given the knowledge and support of living a healthy lifestyle. Little did we know the positive impact this new lifestyle change would have on our whole family. We all now have a healthy eating routine and live a healthy active lifestyle. We can’t thank HealthSPORT and Jamie enough.” – Justin G.

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