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When you think about gaining strength through building muscle, what comes to mind? Many concerns are usually due to seeing magazines depicting men looking like the Incredible Hulk (less the green skin) and women looking unbelievably ripped.
Have no fear; the average person will never look like that. That takes a lifetime of dedication and professional fitness that exists on another level entirely. That said, regular strength training to build strong muscles should be a priority in your workout program.


Strength Training

Gaining strength makes it easier to move your body around, lift and carry things, walk up and down stairs, and perform everyday physical tasks easily. As we age, strong muscles help protect our bones from breaks as a result of accidental falls. Strengthening your muscles, means you’re also strengthening your bones.

When you perform strength training exercises, you’re breaking down the muscles at the molecular level. The muscles then hurry to repair and rebuild themselves in anticipate of the next onslaught against them. That constant rebuilding and growth is what shapes the muscles, giving you more strength and making the muscles long, lean, and well, looking sexy — another reason to add strength training to your workouts.

Amy Chalfant’s testimonial


“I have never been a fit person and have been overweight/obese ever since my teenage years. In 2016 I dropped around 55 pounds just due to changing my relationship with food but I was still a total weakling.

So for 2017 my goal is to get strong. My main goal in joining this weight loss challenge was to gain tools on how to exercise because I was really clueless. I did not lose as much weight as I could have these last few months, mainly due not being as on top of my nutrition as I could of been, but I feel so much stronger. Now I can climb hills without being winded. I can hold a jogging pace for longer. I can hold a plank for longer. Things that use to feel heavy and uncomfortable to pickup and move around at work now are easy-peasy.

I’m a so excited to keep on the path of fitness and keep getting stronger and this challenge really gave the tools to continue that. I’m only 15 pounds away from my final goal weight but even once I reach that I know I won’t be done. I am excited to continue forward in 2017 and just get totally buff.” Amy Chalfant



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