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To succeed in any endeavor in life, we need to keep our eye on the goal. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Why? Because we’re too easy on ourselves. We tend to give up or give in and go easy on ourselves when the going gets tough. If you don’t feel like going to the gym on your scheduled gym day, who’s going to make you go?
Even with our best intentions, sticking to a workout schedule can feel daunting. Life has the uncanny ability to consistently throw things at us to keep us busy, derailing our honest efforts to stay focused on our fitness schedule each week. Work, kids, daily household responsibilities, spending time a spouse or with aging parents, visiting with friends; all of these are necessary and demand our attention.


But what about your fitness goals? How do you keep yourself on track? In a word: Accountability. When we’re being held accountable for our actions, we usually end up meeting, even exceeding, expectations. Just knowing someone, or some people, who can hold you accountable to be at the gym on certain days will help you stick to your workout schedule. Sometimes peer pressure is the best thing for us!


Kristen Rose’s Testimonial 


“I did not recognize myself in the mirror, hopelessly stuck in my self-destruction after the tragic loss of my soulmate. Later with pregnancy I no longer soothed myself with alcohol; instead I turned to food, gaining 100+ pounds in two years.

I tried group classes before but not received personal instruction and because of my size I felt uncomfortable and would not stick with it. When I saw HS WLC I decided to try it.

The personalized attention in a small group made a huge difference. I felt welcome and more comfortable challenging myself. Joe is amazing and pushes me supportively and that makes me want to come back every day! I am addicted to these classes and how they make me feel. Shared recipes and online weekly challenges helped me try new things and meet my goals.

Feeling comfortable in my own skin now I have tried almost every class in addition to HSP Fit. Now I wake early, take nature walks with my daughter, plan healthy meals for my family, and make it to my HSP Fit classes every day. I am so proud of the progress I’ve made in three short months. I feel like myself again.” – Kristen Rose



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