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The 2018 HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only participants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Below are the amazing transformation stories of our male and female third place winners, Duane Brown and Fiona Wilson.


Check Out Duane’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

“The HealthSport Weight Loss challenge has been a very positive experience for me. Initially, I thought I joined for my wife and Kids, but now I know it was really for me. 
In the beginning, it was not only hard to get through the workouts but also challenging to make it to the gym by 5:30am.

I worked to create new eating habits with portion control and eliminated soda, fast-food, and meals after 8:30pm.

Everyone at HealthSPORT, from instructors to members, have been helpful and kind. My very first day a member helped me with my warm-up in the Triple Threat class and the next day, another member helped me adjust my bike in the cycling class. The instructors have gone out of their way to make sure I’m doing ok. It’s a great feeling when I walk into class and my instructor knows me by name. Trainers Sydney, Pam, and Jeremiah helped make my experience more personal.

My take away from my experience: Do not stop. I don’t want to go back – only forward. Regardless of where I place in this year’s Challenge, my progress thus far has changed my life – that’s a win.”


Check Out Fiona’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

“Before this challenge I was depressed and in the worst shape of my life. My sedentary job, school, family obligations, long commute, poor stress management, and unhealthy diet had me feeling like my physical well-being was a lost cause.

This challenge was exactly what I needed to get on track, because now, twelve weeks later, I have made a complete 180 and am ROCKING it!

So much to love about this challenge: weekly on-point sessions, nutrition coaching, support and encouragement from HealthSPORT staff, accountability and camaraderie with other participants, HSPFit classes… The most motivating and exciting aspect however, is that I look and feel SO MUCH BETTER.

I have dropped pounds, inches, body fat, clothing sizes, resting heart rate, insecurity, self-consciousness, and self-doubt. I have gained strength, flexibility, community, stress-management, optimism, confidence, self-esteem, and energy. I have coworkers and acquaintances asking what I’m doing to look so good, and I’m setting goals that I would not have previously thought possible.

Turns out it’s never too late and well-being is never a lost cause. This is the only body I will ever have, so thank you HealthSPORT for helping me take care of it!”


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