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The 2018 HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only participants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Below are the amazing transformation stories of our male and female first place winners, Jake Mossop and Kristen Rose. 


Check Out Jake’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

“First thing I could say on how this challenge helped me is that it got me into a healthier routine. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Not only did I lose weight but I also have more confidence, energy and and more positive outlook on life.

Even though it was tough at first I put it into my head that I was going see it through. I plan to keep going to the gym long after this is over because working out and being healthy is something I became hooked on now!

I think HealthSPORT is a very professional gym with very helpful and positive people that work there and the members as well…I feel I progressed in my life and I would like to thank [HealthSPORT] for having a such inviting and professional environment to to be in.”


Check Out Kristin’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

“I did not recognize myself in the mirror
, hopelessly stuck in my self destruction after the tragic loss of my soulmate. Later with pregnancy, I no longer soothed myself with alcohol; instead I turned to food, gaining 100+ pounds in two years.

I tried group classes before but not received personal instruction and because of my size I felt uncomfortable and would not stick with it. When I saw HealthSPORT’s Weight Loss Challenge I decided to try it.  The personalized attention in a small group made a huge difference.

I felt welcome and more comfortable challenging myself.

Joe is amazing and pushes me supportively and that makes me want to come back everyday! I am addicted to these classes and how they make me feel.

Shared recipes and online weekly challenges helped me try new things and meet my goals. Feeling comfortable in my own skin now I have tried most every class in addition to HSPFit.

Now I wake early, take nature walks with my daughter, plan healthy meals for my family, and make it to my HSPFit classes everyday. I am so proud of the progress I’ve made in three short months. I feel like myself again.”


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