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Attention Weight Loss Challengers!

(And Those Interested in Nutrition!)

It’s difficult for most of us to eat the recommended amount of vegetables each day. Because let’s face it…veggies can be really boring! So how do you add more veggies into your diet?


10 Ways to Add More Veggies Into Your Diet

  • Mix veggies into your eggs: Start your day off right. If you scramble eggs in the morning, it’s really easy to add some greens into most scrambles and omelets without changing the overall taste. Cut up veggies as small as possible and play around with different types to see what you like the best!
  • Bake them: Like to bake? Then add some veggies into the mix! Zucchini is frequently used in breads and muffins. Carrots can be tasty too!
  • Pancakes, anyone? Did you know that you can add pumpkin or squash into a pancake?
  • Smoothie time: This is a popular way to add more veggies into your diet. Kale and spinach are easy to blend and taste good with a variety of mix-ins.
  • Green noodles: You can pick up an affordable spiralizer at most retail stores and have some fun turning zucchini, asparagus and cucumbers into “noodles” the next time you’re making pasta.
  • Put them into a casserole: It’s easy to slice up veggies and sneak them into almost any casserole.
  • Lettuce wraps: Swap lettuce for bread and tortillas and enjoy a tasty and crunchy sandwich or burger.
  • Pump up a burger: Why not add more veggies into your diet by making your burger even bigger? Pureed and steamed veggies add color, nutrients and flavor to this popular American staple.
  • Side of fries or chips: You can turn veggies such as zucchini, carrots, kale and turnips into fries and chips to pair with dinner. Add your favorite spices and a bit of sea salt as well!
  • Pizza: Load up your favorite pizza with veggies; it’s a really popular way to hit your daily goal.

There are countless ways to add more veggies to your diet. All it takes is some creativity and experimentation with your favorite foods to be successful!


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